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Kids and Fitness Nutritional and Fitness Programs for KIDS!

Our Kids Personal Trainers help children of all ages to establish a healthy lifestyle program, which includes fitness, nutrition & weight loss. Kids & Fitness is located across from Tamiami Kendall Airport and serves Miami, Kendall, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Sunset and Homestead as well as other South Miami areas.

Our individualized programs are proven to increase your child’s level of health, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, balance and energy. Combined with a Personal Training Program with one or small group classes- your child will be on their way to better health.

Personal Training

Fitness and Personal Training tailored to your individual needs with all of your health concerns in mind! If you want to lose weight, tone up ‘specific’ body parts, we can help you reach those fitness goals! Learn More!


Kids Lifestyle

Good food habits and daily physical activity – if your child has these, they are well on their way to a healthier lifestyle. But achieving this isn’t always simple. Kids & Fitness- Kids Personal Trainers will help your child to accomplish this. Learn More!


Fitness and Exercise

Obesity levels in children have more than doubled in the last 10 years to over 15% and over 30% of America’s youth are considered overweight. Factors such as video games, fast food, computer games, TV, cuts in school physical education programs, etc. all contribute to this problem.Learn More!


Weight & Nutrition
Management Program

Meet your fitness goals with our ultimate personal foods, exercises and weight management programs. Whether you need to calculate the nutritional content of  any recipe, track a strength training program, or figure out how long it will take to lose 10 pounds.Learn More! sponsors